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A fully mobile Lone Worker Alarm that can go anywhere with you. Working New Zealand wide, our lone worker alarms provide cost effective health & safety solutions for individuals & businesses.

Help is just a press of a button away. It is perfect for employers who value their employees health & safety.

Personal SOS NZ Wide

This Lone worker alarm is ideal for anyone at high risk, remote worker, duress or has medical issues, allowing freedom & independence, but always intouch with help when you need it – use it at the shopping mall, in the park, at home or business.

Location Finding

With inbuilt location finding, when ever the Elderly alarm is activated, it automatically sends your location to your emergency contacts cell phone. The personal alarm can also be located by your contacts in the event someone has gone missing or location unknown.


Auto Fall Detection

The automatic fall detection gives wearers the confidence to know, that should they have a serious fall and not be able to respond, the personal alarm has fall detection and will automatically send an emergency SOS message to contacts without the need to press the button

NZ's best 'Go Anywhere' Lone Worker Alarm.

The Healthy and Safety Reform Bill came into force with the aim of reducing the amount of deaths and injuries in the workplace. What this means for business owners is the need to ensure they do everything in their capability to protect their employees against harm. This includes controlling and minimising risk with a mandate to reduce workplace harm so that businesses take every measure to guarantee a safe working environment for their employees.


Working with a Spark SIM card (Not included) on the 3g network, (prepay or on contract SIM cards able to be used.

Vodafone network alarms available on request, these Workplace Safety Alarms are able to operate in 98.5% of New Zealands populated areas.


Its an easy to use, light weight and technologically advanced without compromising security and well being with a ‘Go anywhere’ Lone Worker Alarm.


If you press the SOS on the pendant, it will activate a voice call and send its location to 5 emergency contacts via google maps link. You can then talk into the pendant to provide more details of your situation.



Gives protection anywhere you have a mobile phone signal, whether you’re home, in the office, or ‘out and about’. No employer wants to be worried about lone workers safety. With a Lone Worker Alarm, your staff will be better protected everywhere.



Many alarms on the market will only activate if the button is pressed, but this lone worker alarm has an automatic fall detector that senses a fall and activates the alarm after sensing a drop in altitude and impact. This is extremely useful because some falls can render victims unconscious or immobile and impair their ability to get help.



Quickly finds where the pendant is located by sending a PING request. This is an incredibly handy function for people who wander and get lost easily.



Creates a safety zone or virtual fence for better monitoring and protection. If the pendant goes outside its predetermined area, all contacts are immediately notified.



Depending on the use of the battery, the alarm will last approximately 2-3 days depending on use. You can change the settings to extend the battery life to over a month.



The hyper charging cradle will re-power the device to full power in about 2 hours. This simple and free-standing charging station is intuitive and easy to use, making recharging your personal alarm a breeze.



Step-by-step instructions are included with every unit, so you can know every feature and function. 



The Lone Worker alarm device is small and light, measuring just 61x42x16mm and weighing less than 40 grams – you will hardly notice you are wearing it! This small and lightweight design allows you to bring it anywhere with you easily, making it more convenient to get full monitoring and protection no matter where you go.

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Lone Worker Alarms NZ sos-gps-tracker-black Home


A Lone Worker alarm that works anywhere – not just at home. Using today’s modern Spark 3G mobile network You can be in the mall, in a park, on the farm, at the office – anywhere there is a 3G signal. 

When button is pressed it immediately sends a text message to up to 5 of your emergency contacts. They receive your ‘Help Me’ message on their own cell phones along with your GPS location link to Google Maps showing the wearers location accurate to within a few meters. 

Your emergency contacts, once they receive your emergency ‘Help Me’ SOS message can call your personal alarm – It will answer automatically so you use it just like a speaker phone. You can chat and let them know what kind of assistance you need. (The alarm can also automatically start calling your contacts for voice to voice communication) 

The alarms also features fall detection with speakerphone & microphone in pendant. The alarm is also Showerproof.  

With the Lone Worker Alarm you can go anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away.  Avoid that old technology home only based alarms, get out and be independent! Live your Life!

German design, Swiss precision GPS, reddot2015 award winner.

  • Works wherever there is 3G & 4G mobile coverage (98.5% of New Zealand’s populated areas).
  • Calls up to 5 friends, family or carers.
  • Has 2-way “hands-free” voice to voice communication with high quality speakerphone.
  • In built fall detection for serious falls. Sends a “fall alert” to up to 5 contacts.
  • Uses GPS & Google maps to send your location to your contacts during emergencies.
  • Family & friends can call the pendant just like a normal phone. Pendant can call out to nominated contacts in emergencies (not recommended)
  • Pendant is shower & rain proof, comfortable and weighs the same as three 20c pieces.
  • No contracts or monitoring fees.
  • 12 month warranty.
  • ON SPECIAL – $360 + gst. Includes tracked Nationwide delivery.
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